Class 10 celebrates the end of Compulsory School

On Thursday, June 13, the staff at SSB celebrated our class 10 students.  This is the end of their compulsory school.  They are now on their way to Upper Secondary.

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We had a nice lunch, speeches from students and teachers, and a memory slide show where each student was recognized individually.  The lunch ended with our tradition of signing the graduate book, and making the famous “group picture on the stairs”.

Their final farewell parade will be on Tuesday, June 18 during the end-of-year ceremony.  Then, they are off to GYM!


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Team 1 – 3 visits the Fire Station in Braine L’Alleud

On Tuesday, Team 1 – 3 traveled to the Fire Station in Braine L’Alleud.

The firemen explained to us what a fireman does and showed us a fire truck.  First, we looked at the equipment a fireman uses.  Their shoes are covered in steel to protect them and all of their clothes are fire-proof.  They have to wear helmets to protect themselves from the heat and from falling objects.  Then, we learned that there are three different kinds of firetrucks, one has all of the hoses,  one has an attached ladder, and one has a full tank of water.  The water truck can hold up to 12 000 L of water.  Think how many milk packets that would be!!

Everyone was allowed to go onboard a fire truck, that was fun.

After that, we were allowed to try to shoot water with the fire hose, even our teachers got to try.  The firemen joked with us and splashed water on us – and we all became wet!

We got to see when they extended their ladder, it is 30 m high.  That was much higher than we thought.

Then, we got to go in and see what tools they use during car accidents, especially when someone is stuck.  We got to try to lift the tool, it was so heavy!  Firemen are very strong and have to work out a lot.  Finally, we got to see what is inside an ambulance.  Some of us pretended that we were hurt and they put neck braces on us.  And, some of us got a brace as if we had a broken arm.  One of our teachers got to lie on the stretcher in the ambulance.

We were so happy to visit the fire station.  The firemen were nice and we learned a lot!

Students in Team 1 – 3

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Thanks, Alexandra for donating to our mediatek!

alex1Alexandra Pofantis, Class 3 student, created bracelets and necklaces and sold them on SSB Day.

She donated the money she earned to SSB.martaridervilse

With that money, we were able to buy a new book from her favorite series,

“Märta rider vilse” av Erika Eklund Wilson

alex2Alexandra signed the book and was the first person to check it out.  Now, she hopes all her friends will do the same . . .

Thanks Alexandra for supporting our school!

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Team 4/5 learn together . . .

Team 4-5 have been travelling and learning together.  Here is an update on their adventures:

451On May 28th, Team 4 – 5 traveled to Kessel-lo.  Kessel-lo is a large, park-like area where the students were able to observe different animals, play with water, climb and run through the enormous play areas.  452We had a super sunny day.  We had brought our lunch with us so we could picnic together.  After many hours of activity, we had 40 tired, yet happy students back on the bus.


Adventures in the forest . . .

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On June 7, Team 4-5 began with a question walk about the flowers and plants that grow from the football field, along the road, and into the forest up to out “hut”.  Then, we they arrived there – there was an assignment waiting for them. In groups, they should build a creation at least 1 meter tall.  They were allowed to use whatever they could find in the forest as tools.  The creation should stand on its own, and be as eye-catching as possible.

The winning group built a beautiful sculpture that was 101 cm high! WOW – Congratulations to Sofia, Alec, June and Oscar!

After the construction task was over, we ate strawberries and had juice, as well as free play before we walked back to school.

A great afternoon!

Marte Grimsrudjenny tSusanne AlbrechtsenJenny, Marte, och Susanne

Team 4 – 5 teachers

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Norwegian Class 4/5 become flower specialists …

flower4Class 4 and 5 Norwegian have spent the last two months studying the flowers around us.

Different flowers been hunted down (literally…) , picked, pressed and dried.flower1

Students have made their own bookmarks with flowers together with their Norwegian and Latin name. They have also made a “herbarier” that show the different species, in groups.

The results look wonderful, and we know so many flowers now!


Did you know that the small flowers in your lawn are called Bellis perennis in latin, or that the cute, pink flowers beside the road are called Stankstorkenebb in Norwegian?

We know!  Check out more of what we have learned on our class blog:


Norwegian Class 4/5

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Class 10 visits the Swedish School in Paris

In a cultural exchange project for Class 10, our students welcomed students from our sister school in Paris here in May.  Now it was our turn to travel to Paris to learn from our new friends.  The following is a journal of their experiences:

sweparis1The Swedish School of Paris
After arriving at Gare du Nord, we went by bus to leave our bags at the Swedish school. It is in the same building as the Swedish church, three stories upstairs. They have about four classrooms and a combined lunch canteen, where we had lunch the second day of the trip, and a music classroom. The school also rents some classrooms from a large French school, where the GYM-students and secondary have some of their classes, which is located in the suburbs of Paris. To go there the students get metro cards from school.

Paris trip subway

The subway in Paris was big and easy to take, most of the time. You needed to change trains to reach your destination and that was a bit difficult and annoying.  It’s also expensive as we bought 1 ticket for everyone every time we took the train and we took the train at least 15 times.

There were a lot of people there so it made it difficult for everyone to get in the train so when somebody wasn’t going to get in we waited for the next train to come. The last day we took the subway we had a rush and we needed to get to the train station as quickly as possible so everybody was running in the tunnels of the Paris subway which was really hard as it was so many people running the other way, but we reached our destination and everybody was there so it was all good!

 Paris trip: The Eiffel TowerTour_Eiffel_Wikimedia_Commons

Once we had arrived in Paris we bought lunch. We left for the Eiffel tower to eat lunch. We were extremely lucky as the weather was fantastic this day. There were, as usual by the Eiffel tower, a lot of people. Therefore, we did not walk up the tower. Instead, we had a cosy lunch in a park right next to it. The view was amazing and the lunch was yummy. Since we had left so early from Brussels and hadn’t been able to eat lunch until 13.00 it was well appreciated! After our lunch, we walked down the long path that stretches from the Eiffel Tower to the military school in Paris. After this we did some more sightseeing. It was very nice and fun! We took lots of pictures and even though by the end of the day, we had walked for what felt like forever, seeing the Eiffel Tower was definitely worth it! It was also the highlight of the day.

Evening Barbeque

After the trip seeing Paris, we went home to the student Alexander who hosted a barbeque. It started around 8 o’clock after the last people had arrived. We then waited and chatted for about half an hour while eating some snacks. Then, they grilled the meat and vegetables on the grill, some were a bit burnt but were still delicious. We got served chicken with peppers and onions, hamburgers, sausages, baguettes etc. We had a good time eating, drinking and chatting. Later, all of us walked his dogs and we went to a nearby football field. We stayed there for about half an hour and then we went back to the house and ate some chips, dessert and ice cream. Around 11 o’clock, we separated and most went to their host’s homes to sleep. I together with Erik and three others stayed at Alexander’s house. All of us stayed in one room and we played a video game before going to sleep.


Tuesday started out with the weather gods in a much fouler mood. Grey skies and rain. We went by Metro to Monmartre where we walked (or should I say climbed) the hilly streets. The view was fantastic but the weather stayed bad. We ended our Monmartre walkabout next to Sacré Coeur where we had crépes and watched the artists at work.


Tuesday afternoon we went to a wax museum called “Musée Grévin”. Not too far from Pigale and Montmartre.  We stood in the entrance for a very long time and when are teachers had succeeded to buy some tickets for all of us, the visit could finally begin. But first some more waiting because there was now a long queue of Asian visitors. Before we were able to see some famous wax, there was a light show with Asian music in a small room with mirrors in which we stood while the show played. That’s when we realized why the Asians were so fascinated by this place, but it was interesting. When the show ended we walked in to the next room where the wax museum begun. There were a lot of famous people, from all around the world. Actually it reminded me a lot of “Madame Toussaud”. There was for example: Louis Armstrong, Tony Parker, Phill Collins, Asterix and Obélix , Léonardo Da Vinci, Jacky Chan and so on…The only difference there seemed to be between the two wax museums was that in Grévin, there were way more famous French people. French philosophers, actors, politicians, well many we had no idea existed. But this might seem logical, since we were in France, and it could not be the exact same as “Madame Toussaud”. If I should give my honest opinion, I would say that it was very cleverly made, but some of them didn’t really look like original. But I enjoyed the visit and it was a good activity for ending our visit with the Parisians.

-Class 10 students

The trip was evaluated and deemed a real success from both the students and the staff’s perspective! 

Below you can read (in Swedish) about the learning goals achieved:

Skolutflyktens förankring i läroplanen

Från skolans värdegrund och uppdrag:

  • I all undervisning är det angeläget att anlägga vissa övergripande perspektiv. Genom ett historiskt perspektiv kan eleverna utveckla en förståelse för samtiden och en bered­skap inför framtiden samt utveckla sin förmåga till dynamiskt tänkande.
  • Ett internationellt perspektiv är viktigt för att kunna se den egna verkligheten i ett globalt sammanhang och för att skapa internationell solidaritet samt förbereda för ett samhälle med täta kontakter över kultur-och nationsgränser. Det internationella perspektivet innebär också att utveckla förståelse för den kulturella mångfalden inom landet.

Från de allmänna kunskapsmålen:

  • kan kommunicera på engelska i tal och skrift samt ges möjligheter att kommunicera på något ytterligare främmande språk på ett funktionellt sätt,

Mål i Engelska

Samtal och diskussioner samt argumentation.

• Språkliga strategier för att förstå och göra sig förstådd när språket inte räcker till, till exempel omformuleringar, frågor och förklaringar.

• Språkliga strategier för att bidra till och aktivt medverka i samtal genom att ta initiativ till interaktion, ge bekräftelse, ställa följdfrågor, ta initiativ till nya frågeställningar och ämnesområden samt för att avsluta samtalet.

Mål i Franska

använda språkliga strategier för att förstå och göra sig förstådda,

• anpassa språket efter olika syften, mottagare och sammanhang, och

• reflektera över livsvillkor, samhällsfrågor och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och delar av världen där språket används.

Mål i historia

  • Revolutioner och framväxten av nya idéer, samhällsklasser och politiska ideologier.

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A cartoon book created by French – Class 3

Students in the French, Class 3 have created an illustrated cartoon book.  They have “staged” the photos and written the accompanying text themselves …

Enjoy their French story as told through pictures and words!



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Arctic project winners announced …

Students in Team 4 – 7 finalized their Arctic projects. As part of our Period IV studies, artic21students created in-depth projects. Read more about their work, here>>

Eight student projects were chosen as the top winners.  They won t-shirts for their projects.  All other students were awarded certificates and stickers as goo patrons of the environment. The winners are shown here:

arctic22Selime Dey, NOR 4/5 student, went even further and wrote in an editorial to the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten Junior.

Congratulations to the winners and to Selime.

Great efforts speaking up for our environment!

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Great memories from SSB’s 40th weekend!

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May 29, 2013 · 14:41

GRØNNLAND AVISA, Norwegian newspaper from Class 8 – 10

Norwegian students in Class 8 – 10 have created a newspaper –

Grønnland Avisa

students have focused on our Period IV

theme of environmental awareness.

There are articles, advertisements, interviews, and more . . .



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